Francis Mickus

est guide conférencier depuis 2007. Il a découvert le métier de guide en travaillant comme agent d’accueil à la Conciergerie et la Sainte Chapelle de 2002 à 2004.  Cette première expérience a suscité un véritable enthousiasme pour le travail et il a souhaité renforcer son offre avec un BTS en Tourisme, avec en prime la carte de conférencier.

La reprise d’études l’a poussé à approfondir ses connaissances. Il a donc choisi de suivre des cours à l’Ecole du Louvre pour s’inscrire par la suite à l’université. Il est actuellement titulaire d’un Masters 2 en Histoire de l’Art, qu’il a obtenu en 2018 à l’Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art (Sorbonnes Universités).

Né à Los Angeles, Francis est bilingue et à l’aise autant dans la culture américaine que française. Il s’est mis à l’italien pour sa carte de conférencier ! Il a une licence en lettres classiques et une première maîtrise en lettres modernes à l’Université de Paris. Il a également suivi des cours de cinéma à la California State University, Northridge. Il a travaillé plusieurs années comme agent d’accueil au Musées du Louvre et d’Orsay.

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Benefits associated with Public Involvement and the Planning Process

In basic terms, the planning method is the method that most companies make ideas to accomplish long-term, specific goals. This process is different from task planning, which often is used to scope out and then designate tasks to individual jobs, or strategic planning, which usually helps you discover your mission, purpose, and targets. Ideal planning is utilized to build a unified and clear picture of the organization’s future by planning all the elements of the organization and coordinating their presentational practices combined with future plans. For example , a company web link that intends to enter a new market may choose to incorporate a variety of methods and equipment in order to remain competitive.

Preparing procedure is used to develop a strategic schedule, it helps to ascertain short, channel, and permanent goals, as well as milestones in achieving these goals, along with defining achievement and failing. It is also utilized to create and track the relationships regarding the short, channel, and long term goals plus the organizational strategy and achieving these types of goals as time passes. An company performance is closely relevant to the recognition of the right strategies and their implementation. Therefore, a good tactical planning method can be the driving force behind achieving company objectives.

There are many instances when the implementation of strategic strategies fails to fulfill the desired goals because they were not effectively defined throughout the planning process. A prime example of this would be every time a local formal believes that he or she gets an effective marketing plan, if the reality is that no this sort of plan is available. The planning procedure should take into mind public involvement. Public insight plays a tremendous role in the effectiveness of any program, because when ever local representatives know that they shall be consulted about any matter, they think more involved in reaching a decision and they are very likely to be receptive to recommendations.

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