Francis Mickus

est guide conférencier depuis 2007. Il a découvert le métier de guide en travaillant comme agent d’accueil à la Conciergerie et la Sainte Chapelle de 2002 à 2004.  Cette première expérience a suscité un véritable enthousiasme pour le travail et il a souhaité renforcer son offre avec un BTS en Tourisme, avec en prime la carte de conférencier.

La reprise d’études l’a poussé à approfondir ses connaissances. Il a donc choisi de suivre des cours à l’Ecole du Louvre pour s’inscrire par la suite à l’université. Il est actuellement titulaire d’un Masters 2 en Histoire de l’Art, qu’il a obtenu en 2018 à l’Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art (Sorbonnes Universités).

Né à Los Angeles, Francis est bilingue et à l’aise autant dans la culture américaine que française. Il s’est mis à l’italien pour sa carte de conférencier ! Il a une licence en lettres classiques et une première maîtrise en lettres modernes à l’Université de Paris. Il a également suivi des cours de cinéma à la California State University, Northridge. Il a travaillé plusieurs années comme agent d’accueil au Musées du Louvre et d’Orsay.

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Avast Vs BitDefender Anti Contamination Protection

Avast versus BitDefender anti malware software assessment has been made on the basis of a few technical analysis and research performed by the authors. We have identified that Avast has a number of advantages above BitDefender through this anti-virus category. For one thing, it is actually much more up-to-date than BitDefender, having been announced in January 2021. Since that time, a lot of improvements have been designed to the software, which makes it better and more reliable than its predecessor. The list of added benefits would not end below:

In addition , Avast versus bitdefender on the other hand, as we have viewed from the above side by side comparisons, is a more complex anti-malware software application, offering parental controls, anti-spyware and parent control, among others. On the other hand, BitDefender is mainly focused on laptop security and Internet safeguards, whereas Avast offers this kind of as well which has a greater concentrate on parental equipment and monitoring. However , the program’s other benefits are mostly preoccupied with security and protection from adware and spyware attacks.

Therefore which one is much better? This can be solved by pointing out a couple of major differences regarding the two: overall flexibility and price tag. Avast much more flexible in phrases of the licenses that allows nearly all people, allowing them to make use of the software pertaining to non-commercial reasons without spending anything more because of it. On the other hand, BitDefender offers its clients a complete suite of tools and also other services to get a fixed price tag, which makes it easier because of its customers to upgrade their very own protection if perhaps they require that or just desire to improve their particular online coverage. In the case of avast vs bitdefender, we have located that the second item offers a superb combination of cover (anti-malware, firewall, and on the net protection) for a relatively inexpensive selling price.

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